Canto Ostinato for cello

Canto Ostinato by Cello Octed Amsterdam

'The most remarkable aspect about this work is the amount of freedom that is given to the performer(s). The composer created a hundred and six small cells called 'sections' of a few bars, which can be played ad libitum and be repeated either one or many more times (some bridges excepted). Because of this build-up, a performance may take from an hour to more than a day.

The version for eight cellos was created by Marijn van Prooijen, on request of the Cello Octet, with special permission of the composer. The octet has played their version especially for Simeon ten Holt in his own garden, a few months before he passed away. It was because of the composers warm reaction to the concert that the Cello Octet decided to record the Canto Ostinato during the summer of 2013'

Cello Octet:
Claire Bleumer - Esther Torrenga - Genevieve Verhage - Marcus van den Munckhof - Rares Mihailescu - René van Munster - Sanne Bijker en Sanne van der Horst.