Piano solo

Soloduiveldans III

Soloduivelsdans III

Program note :

In this work bars and groups of bars occur that must/can/ may be repeated. The repeat procedure creates a margin of freedom in which space becomes available for the musician to decide independently about:

a)  The number of repeats
b)  Dynamic differentiation
c)  Style of play (legato, staccato, etc.)
d)  Pedal usage

Please note that the compulsory repeat sections form a minority compared to the continually adapted and non-compulsory repeats (bridge-sections). In this way the possibility arises to make a choice between a version of the composition in which all musical information is highlighted and a version in which all musical information is absorbed in a cadence of ‘acoustic sound fluctuations’ (many repeats).






Soloduiveldans lll - Kees Wieringa